Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Trying to fight gravity"

There was a snowstorm here last week, one that closed roads and made travel difficult.  I worked late that night, and stayed in a hotel for safety.  Partner came, and stayed with me.

It was an odd evening, in that for a large part of it we did not really interact.  He played guitar and watched hockey, I played a puzzle game on my phone.  We chatted, but did not particularly flirt.  We existed as friends would, simply enjoying the peace of the moment together.

I was aware of him, but not focused on him.  I didn't really exist for him until he didn't exist for me.  As sudden as a thought, I felt him near me; felt his breath on my neck and his fingers tangled in my hair.  He spoke, I couldn't hear him.

This is what falling feels like.  I'm hanging by a thread; not willing to succumb.

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