Sunday, March 11, 2012

Growing & Changing

A lot has happened since January.  I've learned a lot about what I will and won't tolerate in a partner.  I've learned what my husband will and won't deal with schedule-wise.  We learned together that we have to talk about everything.  Literally, everything needs to be mentioned.  Not after the fact, not in passing, but when we have a second to deal with whatever it is, and make sure the other person is okay.

My husband is frustrated because finding people to connect with is much easier for me.  As a woman, I understand that the dating game is inherently skewed in my favor, but I feel like sometimes he is holding a grudge because I am dating around and he is striking out.  He hated dating before we got together, and now that his wife is having more success at it than him he hates it even more.  I keep reminding him he should just relax, take his time, and look for friends more than he is looking for potential partners.

For myself, I have found a few men that I genuinely like, and want to see more of.  I had forgotten what it is like to meet someone for the first time, to be searching for that moment when you feel the click of attraction; I had forgotten that I can be alluring and fun to people I've never met before.  With my first partner, we were already friends, I was already comfortable being with him.  With these men, getting to know them and not building walls around myself has been fun and challenging.

The future holds so many things for us.  This life makes just about anything possible.

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