Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Libertine, or How Did I Get Here?

I mentioned recently that I had met someone new via OKC.  He is extraordinary, and so so different from the Mister.  That's not to say he's better than the Mister.  It's hard to improve upon the awesomeness of my Mister.

The Libertine is basically the male version of myself.  Dry, witty, inappropriate, brutally honest, and completely open.  Spending time with him is a lot like spending time with the best parts of me. He is poly incarnate, I've never met anyone who dates as actively as he does. Even in my sluttiest days I couldn't juggle as much as many partners as him. The upside is, as much fun as we have, I love knowing I'll never have to have that awkward "why can't you be faithful" conversation! I'm shocked at how quickly the Libertine and I have clicked. In the space of two weeks I have found myself completely enamored of him - there hasn't been a day since we met that we haven't talked or seen each other. I didn't start this process to find a boyfriend, but it's starting to look like that's where I'm ending up. It's amazing what you find when you aren't really looking.

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