Saturday, March 24, 2012

This Is How We Do It

Last night we met up with another couple and the Libertine for a night on the town.  It was supposed to be an informal poly meetup, but we arrived before the Libertine and the four of us clicked really well.  Shots were poured, beers were drank, and good times were had.  When we got up to say hi to the "official" poly group, our reception was a little cold.  Blank faces stared at us, and I got the distinct feeling that some of the people weren't really glad to see new faces.

The Libertine was kissing me, and I could feel eyes on me in a not so comfortable way.  So we left.

The evening, as planned, was drinks and then a screening of The Room.  We ended up skipping the movie and staying out at the bar until quite late.  The five of us had a great time talking, laughing, flirting.  No one was awkward, everyone was smiling, and there was a lot of good vibes in the air.

This is what poly is about.  Our table was three men and two women.  I have slept with two of the men and I'm going on a date with the third today.  No one minded hand holding, shoulder rubbing, quick winks, outright playful banter, or dirty jokes.  None of the men were upset if I was paying more or less attention to the others, because at the end of the day I love my Mister and the Libertine, and the new boy, well we'll see.

This is why I'm poly.  This is how to truly love.  Be open, love deeply, and play often.

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