Saturday, April 7, 2012

And Then There Were Three?

There is nothing better than an amazing first date.  Meeting someone face to face that you've only talked to via media is a bit of a crapshoot.  The way you read someone's words may not be the way they're trying to convey them, so chemistry via text can be a volatile thing. You occasionally find that they aren't as funny as you thought, or that what you thought were phenomenal flirting skills fizzle when played out in person.

Last night I got to experience a simply perfect first date.  I knew we'd have a lot to talk about, and that there would be witty banter.  I knew at the very least we'd make fantastic friends.  But what I hoped... oh, what I hoped was exactly what happened!

We clicked.  We clicked so well that halfway through our first drink there was already flirty touching and playful glances.  By the time we started playing pool, our first kiss was inevitable.  I couldn't even tell you what we talked about for half the night.  I was having such a good time, and was in full Flirty Girl mode.

We closed out the bar.  The poor bartender had turned off almost all the lights and had most everything put up before we finally headed outside.  Not five minutes later we were kissing like teenagers and giggling at each other.  Both of us tried to leave multiple times, to no avail.  But the best thing, the thing that clinched the night for me, was him pulling back from a kiss to rather seriously ask me "Are you OK to drive?"  A boy that's responsible, a geek at heart,  AND a great kisser?

Needless to say, the second date has already been scheduled.

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