Friday, April 6, 2012

Before the Morning

I wake up in the predawn hours, slowly becoming aware of your arms around me, your breath on my skin, your heat against my back.  I lie there a moment, enjoying the cradle of your body surrounding mine.  My fingers drift along your arm slowly, stirring you to life, and you sigh.  I feel your body awaken to my touch, feel your breath quickening and your arms closing tighter around me.

I roll over to face you, kissing you lightly, playfully.  I nip your lower lip between my teeth with a throaty low growl.  Your gasp only fuels my fire.  Your fingers are tracing lightning down my spine and across my hips.  Your hands close in my hair, becoming tangled and pulling me down into you.  I lose myself in your embrace, tracking kisses along your body, feeling your delightfully hard cock pressed against me.  

I can't wait anymore.  I have to have you.  I have to show you how alive you make me.  I need to feel you beneath me, within me, a part of me. 

I love you.  A thousand times, I love you.

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