Thursday, April 26, 2012

Further Out There

In the past week or so, I finally did something I had resisted for years... I made a twitter account.  I have had a vanilla twitter account for following non-poly bloggers and various comedians for years, but I have never actually tweeted much of anything.  I've never really felt that anything I was doing was important enough to broadcast out in that way, and I kind of enjoyed being unrecognizable.  I made the plunge because I met Mina, and her approach to twitter as a medium to promote sex-positive information and just plain be delightful made me realize that it's not about being important, it's about being yourself.

One interesting thing that has happened is that the Libertine and I have started to let any semblance of distance between our online personalities evaporate.  We both told the car story on our respective blogs, and we banter on twitter now as well.  I've talked to friends of mine about him, and he's talked to friends of his about me, and the walls are slowly breaking down.  Neither of us has a problem with this; it's just something we are letting happen naturally, though I did have a bit of a freak out last week when he was gushing about me to a rather well known internet friend (the Libertine is WAY more out than I am).

Another odd side affect of twitter is friction with the Mister.  He doesn't read me here very much, but for some reason he felt the need to follow me on twitter.  His reaction was odd, because he seemed to think that I was behaving completely differently online than I do in my day to day life.  I may be a little more forward here, due to the anonymity, but for the most part I am who I am.  In this instance, I needed the Mister to clearly communicate to me what was bothering him.  Was it the frequent references to sex?  Was it that the Libertine and I were bantering about our upcoming weekend events?  Was it that I was expanding my poly circle even further?

As I get farther and farther out of the "poly closet" I'm finding that I have to keep adjusting my expectations.  Not everyone is just going to nod and say "that's weird," and move on.  The Mister isn't always going accept a new partner.  My immediate family is going to have to be told about our relationships eventually, and that will probably be rough.  Even people I'd considered close friends have given me a bit of a cold shoulder since I've come out to them as polyamorous.  But at the end of the day, I have these awesome men who love me, and who get me.  I get to share my heart with all three of them, and that's enough for me.  I don't need anyone else's approval.

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