Saturday, April 28, 2012


Normal dating usually includes a handful of awkward silences, hilarious hijinks, and sweet moments.  Poly dating takes these occurrences to a simply ridiculous level.  I like to tell stories, but sometimes something memorable isn't quite worth it's own post... so here are this week's highlights:
  • Playing Lego Indiana Jones with the Libertine & the Mister.  Purposely killing both of them with a shovel, because it's funny and I'm a brat.
  • Driving anywhere with the Monkey - "Is that the Libertine's car?  Can we see the Princess today?  Can we play in the sandbox with the Oso?"  (The Princess is the Libertine's daughter... Oso is the Prime's son).
  • Wednesday night the intake vent in our hallway was inexplicably hanging by one screw.  My stupid ass got on a chair to get it down so no one would get hurt.  5 seconds later I'm curled in a ball having taken a heavy ass vent cover to the chin, pride completely bruised, face fucked up.  Added to the cut above my lip from the Mongoose, I look like I joined Fight Club.  Sexy.  The Mister's response?  Laughter.
  • Seeing the Prime for the first time in two weeks tonight, having him wrap his arms around me, kiss me, and say "I love you.  I missed you."
  • The Princess (age 5) & the Monkey (age 4) came in from playing outside.  The Monkey asked for help with his shoes, so the Princess knelt down to help him.  She's super sweet like that, and also helped him take off his socks.  The Monkey started chanting "sockie, sockie," except it sounded like "sucky, sucky."  The Libertine, Mrs. Libertine, the Mister, and I lost our collective minds laughing.  Bonus points to the Mister for making a Full Metal Jacket reference.
  • The Mister saw my recent tweet about never having enough sexy underwear, and promptly bought me more.
  • Lounging in bed with the Libertine one morning, when the sound of the Monkey's feet suddenly hitting the floor made him jump out of his skin.  He looked the way cats do in cartoons when someone sneaks up on them.  I almost peed my pants laughing (for the record, there was a locked door between us and the Monkey).
  • Watching the Mongoose (age 1) toddle up to Mrs. Libertine, arms outstretched for her to pick him up and snuggle him.
  • Watching the Mongoose poach food from every person in the house.  Every day.  
  • Fitting into a size smaller pants prompted me to text all of the boys the following "Whoever said sex is not enough of a workout to drop a pants size obviously never fucked me!"  
  • There was bacon.  There's always bacon.  Oh god, I love bacon.
  • Swype does not wish for me to be able to tell anyone I love them.  Common autocorrects this week include: lobe, louver, lore, live, and lube.  
  • The Prime and I rearranged a date for next week.  He got a kick out of watching my calendar update in real time.  Oh Google, what would we do without your glorious calendar?
  • Crawling into bed with the Libertine Thursday night, snuggling up, and simply going to sleep.
I just might have to make this a weekly thing... 

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