Monday, April 2, 2012

In Which I Admit a Flaw

Sometimes the reality of being a poly girl is far less shiny than the idea of it.  In theory, my life would be all awesome dates, hot sex, great conversation, and sweet nothings.  In reality, there's a lot of kid stuff, and wife stuff, and work stuff.

Some days, I'm not the best me I can be.  Some days, I'm not the best girlfriend or wife I can be.  My work often takes precedence over my personal life (never my kids), and that can be frustrating for the Mister and to a lesser extent, to the men I see.  My job is extremely hands on, constantly changing, and fast paced.  Some days I just don't have time for the sexy texts, or the flirty Google talk messages, or the emails.  Some days, I want to throw my phone out the window.

Even worse, I have a really, REALLY hard time ignoring my notifications.  I just gotta know what's going on!  I might not even answer the person who sent me a message.  It's very difficult for me to turn off my phone when I'm out on a date, so when I do, you should know it's a pretty big deal.  What if work calls?  What if the Mister needs me?  What if weather-bug needs to tell me that there is a fire weather warning (in Chicago, no less)?

The first step in working through a flaw is admitting you have it in the first place.  I love the Mister, I love the Libertine, I'm enamored of the Prime.  It's not fair to them that I am more in love with my phone than anyone else!  It's not fair that when I'm with one of them I feel as though I need to answer the others.  I need to unplug for just a few hours a day, if only so that the men in my life can see exactly how much they mean to me.

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