Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding Myself in Songs

I first came across this song in early 2002.  I was finally coming to grips with my self image, and seeing myself as my own person instead of identifying myself through the likes and dislikes of the men I was dating.  2002 was the year that I began aggressively dating for the first time, it was the year my "number" almost doubled.  Every time I hear this song I remember that year, and I see how far I've come, and the lyrics still resonate with me so so much.

All the things we love, all the little addictions we carry around - they make us who we are.  And I am unapologetic about loving who I am, addictions and all.

Cigarettes and chocolate milk
These are just a couple of my cravings
Everything it seems I like's a little bit stronger
A little bit thicker, a little bit harmful for me

If I should buy jellybeans
Have to eat them all in just one sitting
Everything it seems I like's a little bit sweeter
A little bit fatter, a little bit harmful for me

And then there's those other things
Which for several reasons we won't mention
Everything about 'em is a little bit stranger
A little bit harder, a little bit deadly

It isn't very smart
Tends to make one part
So brokenhearted

Sitting here remembering me
Always been a shoe made for the city
Go ahead accuse me of just singing about places
With scrappy boys faces, have general run of the town

Playing with prodigal sons
Takes a lot of sentimental valiums
Can't expect the world to be your Raggedy Andy
While running on empty, you little old doll with a frown

You got to keep in the game
Retaining mystique while facing forward
I suggest a reading of a lesson in tightropes
Or surfing your high hopes or adios Kansas

It isn't very smart
Tends to make one part
So brokenhearted

Still there's not a show on my back
Holes or a friendly intervention
I'm just a little bit heiress, a little bit Irish, a little bit
Tower of Pisa, whenever I see ya
So please be kind if I'm a mess

Cigarettes and chocolate milk
Cigarettes and chocolate milk

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