Friday, July 27, 2012

July Highlights

I haven't done a highlights post in a while.  I think it's time.
  • The Mongoose has learned about a billion new words, among them yucky, Cookie Monster, and cheese.  We were making grilled cheese sandwiches the other night, and he walked into the kitchen, looked at the Libertine, and demanded "CHEESE!!"
  • The Monkey has been asking to see the Princess all week.  During breakfast this morning he looked right at me and said, "We get to see the Princess TOMORROW!  And make CAKE!"
  • Last weekend we attended at party at the Prime's house.  I helped the Prime's wife with party prep beforehand, and got to snuggle on their baby for an hour or so while "helping."  Baby snuggles are the best when it's not your baby.
  • During the party the Prime sought me out a few times to tell me he loves me and that he was happy we came.  It made me feel special.
  • The Mister cleaned half the house while I was at work.  This is better than oral sex to me.  Maybe I should put that in my profile.
  • The Mister, the Libertine, the kids, and I all went grocery shopping together.  Having that third adult along to help with the kid wrangling was AWESOME.
  • Friends have reached out and invited us out socially both with short notice and invitations to parties.  It is nice to see that all the poly snark doesn't extend to everyone we know.
  • The Mister, the Libertine, and I went to see The Dark Knight Returns.  It was a fun afternoon, but the best part was listening to the Libertine tell me about his coworker's reaction to us all going on a date together.  "Wait, so he KNOWS?  And he went WITH YOU?"
  • I got a new dress, and it made both the Mister and the Libertine's jaws drop.  
  • The Monkey has been watching us play Lego Batman.  Whenever the bad guys pop up, he tells the Libertine, "Get the criminals!"
  • The Libertine and the Mister have taken to doing the dishes after dinner.  Love, love, LOVE this.
A lot of the angst and anger of the past few weeks is behind me now.  I'm feeling more secure, less temperamental, less bitter.  I'm loving the direction we are taking now.

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