Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Teachable Moment in Sex Positive Parenting

A bleary-eyed Monkey stumbled into the Libertine's bedroom this morning.

Monkey: Hi Mommy.

Me, half asleep: Hi Monkey.

Monkey: Mommy, why are you in Mr. Libertine's bed?

Me: Because I love him very much.  

Monkey:  No, you love Daddy.  You sleep in Daddy's bed.

Me: Well honey, I love both Daddy and Mr. Libertine.  Daddy was at work last night, so Mommy slept in Mr. Libertine's bed.  

Monkey: No, you love DADDY.

Me: You can love more than one person.  Do you love Mommy?

Monkey: Yes.

Me: Do you love Daddy?  And Grandma?  And Grandpa?  And the Mongoose?

Monkey: ... Yes.

Me: See?  You can love more than one person.  

Monkey:  Okay.  Can I watch Phineas & Ferb now?

I am so grateful that our kids are young enough that this is just something they are going to regard as normal as they grow.  This is their family, and while it may not be traditional, it's full of love, acceptance, and support.  

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