Friday, January 4, 2013

Poly New Year

2012 was a year of firsts for me.  It was a year of new loves, new struggles, new sex, new experiences at work, and new friends.  2012 was good to me. 

2013 feels like it could go either way.  We are still coming across speed bumps in the poly living arrangements.  There are still moments when my men get angry with each other over perceived slights and I have to hold my breath and pray that we donh't implode.  

But things are calming down.  We are going longer and longer between those episodes.  The kids are doing great.  The Princess has been with us for the major holidays (she even came to Christmas at my Mom's house).  

I'm still working on my resolutions.  I have an idea of that they are, but I'm still thinking my way through them.  

For now, I wish for the coming year to be gentle with me, to not contain as much strife as last year, and for me to be brave when I need to, humble when I need to, and kind even when I'd rather be snarky.

Happy New Year, poly land!

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