Monday, May 6, 2013

Sex Toy Review: iGino One

One of the things that men are usually surprised to find out once they get me in the bedroom is that I'm not really a vibrator girl.  I have an extremely sensitive clitoris, and just about every vibrator on the planet passes through pleasurable and becomes painful relatively quickly.  There are exceptions, and there are ways that I like to use vibrators, but I generally prefer my own hands when flying solo.  With a partner who knows my body a vibrator can be a great thing, but there's a lot of trust building before we get to that point.

Enter the iGino One.  Just before their Indiegogo campaign was set to complete, the makers of this little gem asked if I'd review it.  My initial reaction was to refuse, because how much different can a vibrator be from any other vibrator out there?  My interest was piqued by the way in which the stimulus moves.  The nub at the top of the unit not only vibrates, it also moves side to side.  The designers were looking to mimic the way a woman moves her fingers while pleasuring herself.  So I decided to check it out.

Unwrapping the iGino was almost as much fun as using it.  The packaging is beautifully done, and the unit itself has those delicious plastic stickers over the surface, just like when you get a new computer or phone.  My partners and I usually fight over who gets to peel those off, so that was an extra nice touch.  The iGino comes with a USB cable, two power adapters, and a foam flower that changes the feel of the nub while in use.  The iGino charges via a flip out USB port on the bottom of the unit.  When plugged in it looks like you're charging a phone or a music player of some kind, which I liked.  It's also very discreet to carry in public.  I had it in my purse at work the other day and none of my assistants even noticed it.

The iGino only has one speed, and it's rather high.  My first time using it, it was too much to use directly on my clitoris, but it was extremely pleasurable when used to the sides or just below it.  I also figured out that applying more pressure will slow it down, and that the angle you're using it at can change how intense the vibrations are as well.  If you're extremely sensitive, like me, the foam flower makes it just right in the intensity department.  Every time I've used this, I've been able to reduce myself to an orgasmic puddle in just a minute or two.  

The only thing about this toy that I didn't like was that it is LOUD.  While the design makes it discreet for walking around, it is certainly not a toy you'd want to use in a public setting.  Definitely no sexy under-the-table torture with this!

I got a chance to play with this with a partner, and it was amazing.  Having a partner who knows how to push your buttons only makes a toy like this shine all the brighter.  Giving a Dominant partner who enjoys forced orgasm a toy like this is a bit like giving a kid a piece of candy.   I tried it out on him, as well, while performing fellatio.  Based on his reactions, the nub's movement combined with the vibration created quite the enjoyable experience.  

  • Intense stimulation that is easily adaptable via positioning and the foam flower.
  • The unit is sleek, discreet, and rechargeable.
  • You have the ability to deliver pleasure directly where you want it due to the small size of the nub.  This is something I appreciate because it doesn't leave me feeling like my whole vagina has been numbed by vibration.
  • It's very loud!
  • There is only one speed.  
Is this a product I would buy?  Possibly.  I might possibly also opt for something with more than one speed setting, something I hope the next generation of iGino includes.  The iGino will be available soon, and is set to retail at $99.  

For more information, check out or you can watch the video below.

I received the iGino one in exchange for a review.  I was not compensated in any other way.

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